Rajan went numb. He stood in complete disbelief as his family encouraged him to sacrifice his only daughter as a way to appease their gods. They believed it would be the only way for Rajan to escape the cycle of poverty he’d fallen into.

Many people in his village worshipped trees and stones. A child sacrifice, the greatest sacrifice to offer to an idol, was believed to bring favour to your family and release you of your burdens.

Rajan and his wife had worked hard to provide for each of their children, but their struggle with finances had taken a toll. Neither Rajan nor his wife could decide what to do.

During their turmoil, Adult Literacy Classes started in their village. Rajan, deeply saddened and in search of answers, decided to enroll. The literacy teacher shared the story of God and how He sent His only Son to die on the cross, the ultimate sacrifice for our lives and redemption.

Rajan stood in disbelief, but this time in awe. He had found his answer and his heart filled with relief.

Inspired by God’s love, Rajan continued to attend class, learning simple arithmetic and how to read and write. Many of the villagers were angry with Rajan’s new relationship with Jesus Christ. They warned him their gods would punish him for not offering his daughter sacrificially.

Instead of being fearful, Rajan praised God. He is thankful his daughter’s life was spared and now prays for protection over his family in their new walk as believers.