Kaivalya and Sahar, both committed Hindus, lived happily together with their two children. However, over time Sahar began drinking and developed an alcohol addiction. He became angry and controlling and began to beat Kaivalya. Any income he brought in would go to support his addiction.

Kaivalya knew that her family could not survive like this and in an attempt to sustain her family, she sought employment. Like 40% of women in India, Kaivalya was illiterate, nevertheless, she found a job in a nearby field, earning enough to help her family. When Kaivalya brought home her pay, Sahar would demand that she give him the money and when she would not, he would beat her.

Kaivalya was in such pain that she came up with a plan to end her life. Thankfully, her neighbours stopped her from following through on her plan, but she still had to face Sahar.

One day on her way to work, Kaivalya overheard an Adult Literacy Class teacher sharing the Gospel with one of her coworkers. As she listened in, the teacher invited her to join an Adult Literacy Class.

Kaivalya returned home and convinced Sahar to let her attend the class. She immediately took to her lessons. Through the classes, she learned to read, write, and do math – all while learning Bible stories. Kaivalya began to trust Jesus and to pray. As she did these things, she noticed a change in her husband’s behaviour. Kaivalya’s faith increased and she eventually acknowledged Jesus as her Saviour!

During this time, she learned to make products that she could sell for income. As her faith and understanding grew, Kaivalya started sharing the Gospel with her family. Sahar’s attitude softened and he stopped drinking. As a result of Kaivalya’s humble faithfulness to Jesus, her entire family is committed to walking with Jesus as their Saviour!