My life has completely changed…


Going to the market was torture for 50-year-old Masati. She couldn’t read the names of products and because Masati couldn’t count, others could easily cheat her.

When she heard about the Adult Literacy Classes, Masati enrolled right away. Now a literacy graduate, Masati shares, “I can function on my own. I can read the name of the bus and keep a track of my spending and savings. I learned how to take care of my family’s health. I did not know general family hygiene before. Today, I am very happy.”

Masati also learned about Jesus during her classes and received Him as her Saviour. She prays that her husband and two daughters will follow Jesus, too. Now Masati says, “I never imagined I would be able to read and write. My life has completely changed after coming to the Adult Literacy Classes. You can’t even imagine how good I feel now.”