Learning to share the Gospel


[From Ecuador] Before Maritza Velez began her training to learn how to start new churches she lacked confidence in her ability to do the work.  “At first I wasn’t sure I could do it and then I questioned whether I would be able to do it well,” says Maritza.

Maritza accepted Jesus as her Savior when she was a teenager but five years ago, she got closer to God and became more involved in her church. It was her work in the local church that motivated her to accept the call to start a church.

In the first training module, Maritza was encouraged to visit the area where she was hoping to plant a church and assess it to better understand how to share the gospel.  Maritza visited Santa Elena and she found the people were open to hearing the gospel. “It surprised me that various people asked us to keep visiting and share about God,” she says.

Before, Maritza hadn’t been sure of how to approach people to share the gospel with them. But the training has given her direction and she is feeling that God is preparing her more every day.