Each spring, Bible League Canada partners with One Hope Canada to run “Going Deep” weekend camps across Canada.

Going Deep gives youth the opportunity to learn about Christ and develop a deeper relationship with Him. Thanks to your support this past year, 194 young people were able to attend these weekend camps!

John’s story is just one of many.

John told his camp counsellor, Roland, that he didn’t attend church or know much about God or the Bible. John’s mom had heard about the “Going Deep” weekend retreat through the camp’s website.

God’s covenant with His people was one of the first things John learned about that weekend. “If I understand it,” he asked, “God will love me if I follow His rules, but He won’t if I don’t follow His rules?” Roland was able to respond to John by telling him all about God’s everlasting love — a love so unconditional, that God loved us before we could even love Him!

It was clear that John was interested in learning more about Jesus. Throughout the weekend, he kept asking big questions. Roland could see that God was tugging at John’s heart.

In the final cabin time, John prayed aloud for God to teach their group more about Himself and His power for years to come. John wants to know Jesus and he is hoping to return to camp!