Aarav had a rough start in life. When he was just five years old, his mother died and his heartbroken father was unable to love or care for him. Aarav went to live with his uncle, but he sent him to an orphanage.

The director at the orphanage showed Aarav much care, but, now a teenager, Aarav preferred to just be left alone. He struggled emotionally from the loss of his mother and the rejection of his father and uncle.

When a children’s Bible club started near the orphanage, the director enrolled some of the children, including Aarav. Perhaps this would be a good distraction for him.

At first, Aarav struggled to participate in the Bible club. But each day, the club leader, Rafi, encouraged him to try some of the activities. Rafi also spent time listening to Aarav about his struggles. Aarav slowly became more outgoing, and the director at the orphanage was delighted to see such a noticeable change in him!

“At first, it was fun to just watch, and then play with the other kids,” says Aarav.

“But soon the stories about Jesus, and a club leader who listened to me, those were the things I loved.”

I enjoy reading the Bible that they gave me, all about how much Jesus loves me. People only saw a sad boy when they look at me, but Jesus sees my heart!”

Children thrive in a safe and welcoming place where they can hear about Jesus and His amazing love for them. Jesus sees each precious young heart.

Thank you for providing the Bibles and training that make this possible!