…particularly when you have “done” church the same way for many years.

There is safety and comfort in tradition. Why start a new church when this one works just fine?

That was how Pastor Freddy Murillo’s church was feeling.

However, Freddy and other leaders felt called to reach more than just “their” people with the Gospel message. And they wanted to do it through the starting of new churches. “So, we started to raise up a new generation of church planters and we invited pastors with experience in ministerial work to be mentors to the church planters,” he says.

To his surprise, the results were immediate. Thanks to your support, more than 70 local champions received training in the first session, and these champions are now becoming mentors to others. They are going out to shine the Light of Jesus Christ in places that were previously impossible to reach. “This is something that has not happened in a very long time,” Pastor Freddy says, “so I’m excited about what’s going to happen in the next few years!”

There is a change in the Church. He sees how pastors are becoming inspired by the need to start new churches and are being led to establish new communities of faith. Many of the local champions give testimony to what God is doing, and the people are very motivated by the results they have seen.

More churches started, more lives transformed!

Please pray for the local champions as they go out and start new churches in their communities. Pray for the leadership of Pastor Freddy and the mentors committed to walking alongside these newly trained local champions. Pray that their enthusiasm and passion for shining the light of the Gospel will not dim!