In the Language of My Heart

In the Language of My Heart

My soul faints with longing for your salvation, but I have put my hope in your word.
Psalm 119:81 (NIV)

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is one of the most devout Buddhist countries in the world.

Very few of the over 55 million Burmese identify themselves as Christian, but in the remote northeastern villages where the lesser-known Wa tribe lives, people are turning to Christ in incredible numbers, embracing the Gospel and spreading the Good News to everyone around them.

The sudden influx of new believers in northern Myanmar generated an increased demand for Scriptures, training and other resources in their native language. Thankfully, now that the new Wa translation of Scripture is available, your support last spring helped to provide more than 65,000 New Testament Bibles that they so desperately need to sustain and grow their faith. Listen to some of the people who received a copy, thanks to your support.

Bui Ai AungBui Ai Aung
“My name is Bui Ai Aung. When I was young I was a sickly child, often suffering from fevers. My Buddhist parents divorced, but my father and I eventually became Christians when he married a Christian woman. When I was baptized, I was healed of all my sickness! I feel God in my life every day. Only God can heal and save like this.

Until today, I have never had a Bible. Once many years ago, I met a man who had a Bible and I was able to borrow it for one day. Many years later I still remember what I read. Today, I not only have received my very first Bible, but it is in my Wa language, the language of my heart. All praise and thanks to God!”

Sam MueSam Mue
“My name is Sam Mue and I am a pastor. Thank you for this Wa Bible. Even if I wanted to buy it I could not, because it is not available anywhere. There are hymns to God included with this Bible and when I sing, I am filled with happiness. Even the people who cannot read are learning to sing these words. When they learn to read through the Bible, they will at the same time hear the gospel! Thank you!”

Daw AdrongDaw Adrong
“My name is Daw Adrong. I am 59 years old. I became a Christian when I was 10 years old. I felt joy in life all the time and I loved going to church. I never had that joy before coming to Christ. I had a Burmese Bible, but I struggled to understand it — it is not my first language. Then I received a Wa Bible and now for the first time I can read the Bible in my language!

I need the Bible to give me strength and make me spiritually healthy. The Bible tells us how God leads us and guides us. I waited a long time to have a Bible like this!”