Tanya and her young son, Bogdan, are refugees from Crimea who came to Kyiv eight years ago. Unbeknownst to Tanya and Bogdan then, God was directing their steps.

Mikhail, a ministry partner in Kyiv, was looking for someone to help them organize their refugee support efforts. Tanya was eager to offer up her skills as cook and janitor. They were even able to live in a small space in the ministry centre.

The love and care Tanya and Bogdan experienced there led her to know Jesus personally as Lord and Saviour. She received a Bible, made possible because of your support, and studied it together with a group from the local church. Tanya eagerly shared her joy and the peace in her heart with other refugees from the east as they came through the ministry centre.

Then the war came to Kyiv.

After an overnight bombing, a decision was made for Tanya and Bogdan to travel to safety in Bulgaria, to the ministry centre in Sophia. Overwhelmed by the need to suddenly leave their homeland, they were grateful to God for safe passage and open doors in Bulgaria. Tanya managed to obtain refugee status which entitled them to health care, school and work.

Tanya began helping out at the ministry centre in Sophia as refugees from Ukraine were pouring into the border countries. She was cooking, cleaning and providing for about 20 people as each day brought new people in, while others moved on.

Most of them were not Christians, and as she worked, Tanya would share the Good News about Jesus with all who would listen. Many accepted this Good News with open hearts and were eager to learn more from the Bibles they received, made possible through your support. Time spent together in prayer provided much needed comfort and peace for the refugees.

The war rages on, but the peace of Christ continues to be passed on by Tanya and others as millions of Ukrainian refugees are in search of peace.

They each need the love of Christ, and the comfort found in the Word of God.