It doesn’t matter where in the world they are — kids look forward to summer camp.

Fun, games, stories and songs all add up to great memories that they carry with them, often for a lifetime.

Your support makes it possible for Bible League Canada to partner with local champions in different countries to provide Bibles and Bible discipleship for thousands of kids at camp each summer. Kids enjoy all the best things about camp, while learning about Jesus through Bible stories, songs and activities. For some children, this is the first time they have ever heard about Jesus! A girl from Zangakatun, a village in Armenia, shares her story:

I am Diana, 14 years old. I live with my two brothers, and Dad and Mom. I learned about God for the first time when I attended a Bible camp in the summer. Then I started attending the weekly Sunday group with about 50 other kids so that I could learn more. At our meetings, we sing, play, and learn Bible lessons. Right now, we are studying the Ten Commandments.

This past January I got very sick with a high fever. I spent many days in the hospital. The doctors did not understand what was going on with me. They could not find any reason for my fever, and it would not go down.

In the hospital, I was praying that Jesus would heal me when I heard a voice say, ‘Do not be afraid, I love you very much.’

I remembered the Bible stories I learned in Sunday school. I remembered that God promises to never forsake us and I must love Him and always pray. When my parents came to visit me, I told them how God talked to me.

An hour later, the doctor visited me, amazed when he saw that I had no fever. My parents were stunned by what had happened. I told everyone that it was because of Jesus: He heals the sick and loves children very much. Being in the hospital showed me the power of prayer.

I am so thankful there was a camp in our village. A year ago I did not believe that God existed. But in summer I went to the camp, learned about Jesus and repented. From now on I am a child of God. And this miracle that has happened has drawn me closer to God. My father now asks questions. I am so excited that I can tell my family members about God!”