As a teen living in Central America, Henry left his Christian roots behind.

“I was always judging others; so I left the church,” he says. Losing himself to alcohol, he let his friends carry him away. “I was not okay. But every time I tried to quit the addiction, I couldn’t do it.”

Later, after marrying and having a family, Henry worried about what would become of his children if something happened to him. “That’s when I came back to the ways of Jesus Christ.” He told his wife that they we were going to start attending church.

“I saw the need in my life, and I rested in God’s promise that He would finish the work He had begun in me.”

Back in a church family and reconciled with God, Henry found the freedom he had desired for so long.

Recognizing a call on his life, Henry’s denomination invited him to join their long-term plan of starting new churches. He was trained to be a church planter through a local ministry supported by Bible League Canada.

Henry started a church in a neighbourhood where people were hungry for God. First, one family joined him and then two more. Now, around 15 disciples belong to the congregation.

Henry continues to reach out in the community. Some people are not interested in his message, but will accept prayer. “One day, I was visiting a lady who began to have a lot of pain in her stomach. We prayed for her and she received healing. She is now part of our group.”

Testimonies like this show people in the neighbourhood, little by little, that God is real and that they can cry out to Him.