This letter comes from Maximo, age 13, in The Philippines:

“I was raised in a non-Christian family and my parents had no stable jobs so they could hardly provide for our daily needs. I was discouraged about continuing in school and was about to drop out because I felt there was no hope. Then, the worst thing happened in my life. My mother took my younger brother and left my three sisters and me with my father. I was in grade 5.

“At that time, a volunteer teacher came to our school and taught us the story of Jonathan from the Old Testament. She told us how Jonathan had a hard time with his family but he never gave up. The volunteer also said that God had a plan for our lives—he wanted to bless and prosper us and not to harm us.

“After we finished the lesson, she asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus as their Lord. Without hesitation, I raised my hand. I felt something different after I followed her in the sinner’s prayer. I believed God answered my prayer. Now I am supported by a Christian organization and attend the national high school in Banaue.

I want to thank my Values Education teacher who taught me God’s Word in grade 5. Because of her, I know there is hope in God.”