Than is a housewife, a Christian, and a farmer. She understands the effort it takes to produce a good crop yield in more ways than one.

“I wasn’t raised in a Christian home. My parents were not Christians,” she recalls. But one day, a friend gave her a copy of the New Testament. As she read it, Than struggled to understand what was being said, so she turned to her friend for answers. “My friend shared the Gospel with me. He told me that God created us in His image, He loves us, He wants to show us mercy and forgive us, so He sent Jesus to take the punishment for our sins.” Than believed what her friend had told her and became a follower of Jesus.

Brimming with excitement, she shared the news that she had become a Christian with her parents. Nothing could have prepared her for her parent’s reaction. “They renounced me and kicked me out of the family and out of the house,” she says soberly. “But my friend’s family allowed me to live with them instead.” Since that day she has trusted God for whatever she needs. “God has been faithful to me as I have been faithful to Him. He has provided all that I have ever needed, like the Pwo Karen Bibles with the Hymnals. I really appreciate the donors who gave them to us; the Word of God is the light of my life.”