Rabail, along with her sister and parents have been living for Christ for two years now. In their life before Christ, they were worshipping many gods and goddesses, and went often to the temples. But, during that time, there was no peace in their family life. They were a household of sadness, as her father suffered from depression. It affected the girls too, as they were often anxious and worried about their father. Eating properly was a challenge, and this further weakened their health.

Then, a pastor, trained to reach out to his community, visited and told their family about Jesus Christ and gave them a Bible. The amazing truths of God’s love changed their lives! Rabail and her family now attend a local church and serve there with joy. The family is so happy being discipled in the Word. This joy overflows as they share with many people that Jesus Christ can change an entire situation.

You made it possible for Rabail’s family to hear the Good News about Jesus and read these truths for themselves in the Bible.