Around the time she turned 45, Pavithra began to have pain in her lower abdomen. The pain grew so severe that it became very difficult to do household chores or any of her usual daily activities. She visited hospitals and spent a lot of money on medicine. She also sacrificed chickens and goats to her gods, but nothing helped.

Pavithra often heard music and singing coming from a nearby building. One day, she walked over and stood by the doorway. Mona, a local champion who had started a new church, invited Pavithra to come inside, and she did.

That day, Mona spoke about one of Jesus’ healing miracles. Pavithra felt hopeful when she heard the message. After the service, Pavithra shared her health condition with Mona and asked for her prayers. Mona prayed with her.

A few weeks later, the pain completely disappeared. Amazed by this miracle and God’s love for her, Pavithra soon acknowledged Jesus as her Saviour.

Although Pavithra’s husband was happy to see her healed, he was angry about her decision to become a Christian. He began to taunt her and attempted to convince her to give up her new faith. Even Pavithra’s three teenage sons tried to stop her from pursuing Christ.

Thanks to your support, Christians like Pavithra were equipped with Bibles and training to support them in the face of persecution. Pavithra is hopeful that one day, her whole family will follow Christ!

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for new Christians like Pavithra as they learn how to navigate the persecution they experience, especially from family members and loved ones. Please also pray for local champions like Mona who are starting new churches.