Healed legs + a healed heart

Miracle in the Philippines

We received this wonderful story from our partner in the Philippines.

“In September, my 8 years old daughter Raiza was badly hit by a motorbike. We took her to the hospital but they said it would be impossible for her to ever walk again. My daughter wanted to continue to go to school so I carried her there each day. During the first week of October we were informed that a Canadian visitor would come to the school and although my daughter was not feeling well she wanted to go. I carried her to the school and when the Canadian visitor came he went to the grade 6 classroom and so the teacher of my daughter carried her there. At the end of the Pastor’s talk the teacher asked him if he would pray for my daughter. He was deeply moved with compassion towards her the teacher said. He knelt beside my daughter and prayed a simple prayer full of emotion. Nothing seems to happen at that moment and the Canadian visitor went away I am sure he felt disappointed.

Sometime later my daughter told me that her numb legs were beginning to have a little bit of feeling. It seemed that slowly each day more and more feeling was coming into her legs. Then one morning this month of January she got out of bed and said  ‘Papa I think I can walk to school myself today’. What joy filled our hearts to see our daughter once again walking!!!

I was never interested in going to church but now I and my family are going.”

Please continue to pray for the spreading of the Gospel in the Philippines. As we often see, reaching children leads to reaching parents. Praise be to God!