When Santos first came to the neighbourhood La Esperanza (The Hope) with the gospel, he could feel the looks of contempt as he walked with the Bible under his arm. When he held services outside, many people were disdainful about the love of God and His salvation. But Santos did not stop handing out pamphlets or visiting people who invited him into their homes.

My pastor was always telling me to not get discouraged. He met with me and was always teaching me more about the Bible so I could teach others when I was preaching,” Santos shares.

After taking training to start new churches, made possible through your support, Santos feels La Esperanza has completely changed.“Now I walk along the street and they say, ‘Here comes the pastor!’ They ask me to build a church.”

This is the result of God’s faithfulness and Santos’ constancy of working on what he learned in his training to start new churches in the past year. PRAISE THE LORD!