In South Sudan, orphans of war on the streets of Juba are regularly visited by Pastor Michael. He brings a few—of the thousands—to his church. He is desperate to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these children, but there are so many! Far more than he alone can serve. Some of the children stay, and Michael runs a Bible Club for them. They are suffering the kind of hurt that only God can heal, and this is a safe place to hear about Jesus.

One of them, 14-year-old Emmanuel, says, “I used to follow other children, always getting into mischief.” But since attending Pastor Michael’s Bible Club, Emmanuel’s life has turned around — now he is growing up with Jesus! He is one of the older children, and he was invited to participate in the children’s ministry leadership training. Now he has started a Bible Club in his own neighbourhood. “ Many children are joining, and turning to the Lord. I am grateful to God!”

Hearing about the love of Jesus in a safe and welcoming place is so important. Providing them with a Bible and opportunity to read the truths of Jesus Christ for themselves is vital.

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