Bedane attended a church in his Ethiopian village and drank in the pastor’s words, but he wanted to read the Bible for himself. “Listening to our pastor’s teaching once a week was not enough. I wanted to understand what God wanted me to do with my life, my purpose, and His everyday guidance,” says Bedane.

Unfortunately, there was only one Bible in Bedane’s mother tongue—Oromo—to be shared among twenty church members. Wanting his flock to be nourished by God’s Word, the pastor allowed a different person to sign out the Bible every week. “Each member in the church got the Bible for five days,”says Bedane. The Bible was returned by Friday or Saturday so that the pastor could prepare his sermon.

The Gospel is spreading like wildfire among the Oromo people—so fast that it is difficult to keep up with their need for Oromo language Bibles. Of the 25 million Oromo in Ethiopia, about two million have become Christians, most within the past few years. Like Bedane, many of the Christians do not have a Bible.

Then, Bedane’s church received Bibles through your support. Bedane got his own Oromo Bible. “I began to study the Word and to understand the meaning of being a Christian and my purpose in life.” He adds,“God, through the reading of His Word, began to refresh me so that I am equipped to do His work.”

As Bedane studied his new Bible, his neighbours were curious to know what he was reading. “Our people fear God, but they don’t understand because of lack of knowledge,” says Bedane. He and his wife were pleased to share “God’s Wisdom, God’s gift, and the promises of eternal life through Jesus Christ” found in Scripture. Now a small group of disciples meets in their home.

There are millions more Oromo people waiting for the Living Word of God. Some already know Christ and want to grow in their faith. Others are still involved in witchcraft, tribal religions, or Islam.

With more Bibles, local champions can multiply their work.

The church to which Bedane belongs has grown from 20 to 129. And three nearby villages now have churches with at least 25 adults!