Jaha showed no hesitation as she shared her testimony of becoming a Christian. She is among 18 former Muslims, who completed an Adult Literacy Program with a Bible League Canada joint ministry partner in a Nairobi slum.

After attending the Adult Literacy Program, Jaha was able to read and write basic English. She later started attending weekly Bible study sessions and reading Scripture.

“I used to view the Bible as any other form of literature, but through the Bible studies — with the help of our program leader and other Muslim converts — I realized that the Bible was God’s voice to mankind,” she said.

Jaha’s favorite Bible story is the resurrection of Lazarus from the dead. “This story helps me to understand the depth of God’s love for man,” she said. “Jesus had so much compassion for Lazarus’ sisters that he wept before resurrecting him. I believe God loves me with the same level of compassion.”

Jaha, a mother of three, has been secretly sharing her new experience as a Christian with other Muslim women in her neighborhood to avoid persecution.

“I will not stop this secret Gospel,” Jaha said, “because I have a strong conviction that God wants the other Muslims in my neighbourhood to experience His unfailing love and give their lives to Him.”