Children listened intently while a pastor and his wife taught a Bible-based lesson at their remote mountain school. As the couple closed with a song, the Holy Spirit touched the hearts of the children and the children began to cry. The more they sang, the more the children cried. Teachers left their faculty meeting to investigate. The pastor worried and wondered if the principal would stop what the Holy Spirit was doing with the children and even stop them from teaching the Values Education Program.

The principal called the pastor to his office and said, “Good job, I know this is the beginning of needed changes in our school and community.” Since then, the couple has also begun mentoring children after school.

Praise God!

Children’s ministry workers were invited to a college in Nueva Vizcaya Province. They teach VEP classes at the college every Wednesday and recently gave out 80 IIocano New Testaments. The largest national high school in the province, with 2000 students, also asked the volunteer workers to teach Values Education Program classes 8 hours per week.