Simon dreamed of becoming a priest.

As a child, Simon served as an altar boy in his parish in Poland and began to dedicate his life to Christ.

Then as a teenager, desperate for attention, Simon started using drugs and alcohol—just like his father. At war with himself, Simon eventually became a drug dealer and was arrested three times for drug possession.

But his dream of living for Christ was not dead.

Simon went to seminary to become a priest but did not last long. He tried to study theology on his own—that also ended in failure. He quit his studies, lost his relationship with his family, and got into gambling. Simon hit rock bottom.

God never let go of Simon. The Lord sent believers who showed Simon that he could escape the downward spiral. They helped him get free from his addictions and return to the right path.

Simon learned that only through faith in God and the study of his Word could he overcome his problems.

Trained by a Bible League Canada ministry called Project Philip, Simon now shares his knowledge of God’s transforming power with others. He works with troubled youth and those in prison.

Simon is finally living his dream of preaching the gospel.