“My name is Adam. I live in Oswiecim, Poland. When I was a teenager, I had a dream. I asked myself, what can I do for God? How can I encourage others to share the Gospel? I prayed about it constantly.”

The desire to share the Gospel grew in Adam. And then, God answered. He heard about something called “Project Phillip”: a Bible study program that trains local church members in evangelism and discipleship. Each participant receives a Bible for personal use and is encouraged to become a part of a local church.

At the first Project Phillip meeting in Warsaw, Adam realized that this was God’s answer to his dreams. He participated in the starting new churches training program. After a year and a half in the program, Adam became the coordinator for the project!

“I now visit many different churches, travelling for hours on end. While I drive, I pray and give thanks to God. I asked God: please explain to me how it’s possible that I can drive for such long hours without falling asleep? God spoke to me and gave me an answer: ‘Because I’m allowing you to live out your childhood dream.‘”

God is allowing Adam to do the kind of work that will never cease to have meaning. Not only does he teach Christians how to share the Gospel, but Adam is also helping them understand it for themselves.

“I am truly grateful that the Bible League appeared in Poland. This could only have happened through God’s grace.”