Giving it all to Jesus


[From Macedonia] Lidija testifies that true life began for her when she surrendered her life to the Lord. “Before I gave my life to God, I thought of myself as being a Christian,” she admits. “I wanted to please God by lighting candles, by kissing icons, by not working on holidays, on days of patron saints, and so on. My life was empty, and I was constantly thinking that I was obedient to God, and that God was pleased with me. However, it was not satisfying.”

Then, Lidija came in contact with brothers and sisters from the evangelical church, who told her about having a relationship with Jesus. “I did not understand that, as I had no idea that one can have a relationship with God. They talked of God as their friend,” she said. They gave Lidija a copy of the New Testament, and there she discovered what God really wants from her.

“I realized that I need to repent and to give my life to Jesus,” she shares. “I understood that all of my devotion was actually void and had nothing to do with God. God does not need any of that, but our hearts full of love, submissive to His will.”

Lidija concludes, “I am thankful to God that I can live my life free of unnecessary obligations and enjoy my relationship with Him. I live full of joy, knowing that my God loves me and I rest in His embrace.”