Have you ever completed an exercise at camp or school where you had to let someone lead you through a series of obstacles, blindfolded? This is a common trust exercise that is created to help people place their trust and well-being into someone else’s hands. It not only shows us the control that we believe we have over our lives, but that some days we need to give control to others, as they will be able to lead and guide us better than we can. It is a tough exercise but one that everyone needs to experience.

Now, what does it look like to give God control? Granted we are not blindfolded, but we are still unaware of the obstacles that we may face, as only God truly knows what each day will bring. When we let Him lead us and give Him control, we are putting our faith and trust in God instead of in ourselves. Some people may see this as a weakness, but it is incredibly difficult to do as we are acknowledging that God’s way is better than our own and that we need to follow His direction for our lives.

When God is in control, we also have the opportunity to find out how strong we really are! How many times have you talked yourself out of attending an event, taking a class, or pursuing a dream because you did not believe yourself to be talented enough, smart enough, or worthy enough? When God is at the steering wheel of our lives, and we place all trust in Him, we may be called to do amazing things that we never thought we could. It is during these times that we trust in God and understand that He is leading us, that we find out how strong and capable we are. God may challenge us more than what we do ourselves, but He knows what we can handle.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”- Isaiah 41:10

By giving God control, we are also entering into a different relationship with Him; one that is built on a relationship from the heart instead of the mind. It can be easy to declare out loud that God has control over your life, but when we give God that control, we are giving it with our heart. God wants a heart relationship with His children and one that is built on faith and trust.

If you are struggling with areas of your life, ask for God to take control. On the days when it seems difficult to give up that control, just remember Romans 8:31, He is for us and not against us.