Angela’s best friend first invited her to join a children’s Bible club in 2013, when she was 12 years old. She loved it! She never missed a meeting, and looked for every opportunity to assist the leaders.

With encouragement from the leaders she was helping, Angela enrolled in the teacher mentorship program, training to teach and disciple children.

“I love children, especially the younger ones. The Bible club helped me hear God’s calling,” she says, with a big smile, “and that is what I hope for these children as well.”

Even when the pandemic brought everything to a halt, the training of leaders was able to continue. Angela and her fellow leaders — many of whom are alumni — are able to take the Bible club model that they have both lived and learned, and begin reaching out to communities all over their region.

These young leaders see this as an opportunity for giving forward to their communities by teaching and discipling the children in their neighbourhoods with the Word of God.

“I am starting Bible clubs in two communities. The children there remind me of how I lived before joining the Bible club. I spent my Sunday evenings just watching TV or loitering around. But the Bible club changed all that, helping me see that God had a purpose for my life. I look forward to seeing the lives of these children transformed by Jesus!”

Seeing the discipleship of these children bear fruit for the next generation is a gift from God!

Praise God for this second generation of leaders for Children’s Ministry, made possible through your support.