Mauricio has been a pastor in El Salvador for some years. He was comfortable, but he felt called to do more… to go and make disciples. He was very excited to participate in training to start new churches, made possible with your support.

He then went home and led the training for his church and found three volunteer leaders who were excited to start churches in other neighbourhoods. Since then, Mauricio has been multiplying the effect of his training by coaching them how to reach more people with the Gospel.

Reaching out brings obstacles. After being exposed to the Good News and being confronted about their way of life, seekers decide that changing is too difficult, and they stop coming. “This is very discouraging,” says Mauricio.

But, praise God, there are also fresh starts! Mauricio has seen that people are losing their fear of the Gospel. Many of them had mistaken or superstitious beliefs about Christianity. Now, people are listening for themselves, and are confronted and convicted with the truth of the Gospel.

The joy of seeing people change their attitude toward Jesus motivates Mauricio to continue serving in the Great Commission with the leaders he is training. “There can be discouragements, but that’s when we pause, pray, and say that this is the work of God and we move forward,” he says.

Please join Pastor Mauricio in his prayer to see multiplying growth for these new worshipping groups and Bible studies: that more people can know Christ as their Saviour and live for Him!