Addiction to alcohol and gambling consumed Goral.

His wife and daughter suffered his drunken abuse, making their lives hopeless and miserable. He was always in trouble, risking his job at the rice factory.

Over time, drinking took its toll on Goral’s health. Goral knew he didn’t want to die and leave his wife and daughter, but he did not know how to help himself.

Then Madhup knocked on Goral’s door. Through your support, Madhup had received training and equipping to start new churches, learning how to connect with people in his community to share the Gospel.

From Madhup, Goral heard the Good News about Jesus Christ. Relief poured over Goral, and he began to look at his life from a new perspective. After many conversations with Madhup, he repented, and accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour. He prayed for freedom from all of his addictions.

With Jesus as Lord of his life, Goral works steadily at the rice factory again, no longer wasting the family’s money on foolish choices. He studies his Bible and attends a local worship group where he joyfully praises God with others!

He still suffers from serious health issues; however, he lives in hope that Jesus will extend his life. Goral wants to be a good role model for his daughter and regrets losing precious time with her.

Please pray that Goral’s wife and daughter will know Jesus as their Saviour, too, and that God would give complete healing to this family!