In Serbia, many of our local champions and the members of their congregations were once refugees. They were living in fear of what the future might hold. They know what it means to be alone, hopeless, and without security.

However, through the Lord’s grace, these local champions explain that these difficult experiences are tools that help them as they minister to others. New refugees are entering Serbia from countries such as Iran and Syria — and, even through the strife, the Serbian congregations have found ways to serve and demonstrate God’s love to these newcomers.

“Refugees are coming here with the same feelings we had,” says one champion. “Unsure of what the next day may bring or when the next meal will be, not knowing how they are going to feed their children, or if they will ever be free.”

Through the efforts of these local champions and their gracious congregations, many of these refugees have had their needs met and, in turn, have become more open to the Gospel. Recently, 13 new followers of Jesus were baptized!

“Jesus has indeed become my true refuge,” says one of the new believers, “a source of hope and peace in the midst of continuously unpredictable and difficult circumstances.”

The freedom they had been looking for by fleeing their countries has now been found in the One who alone can give each of us real freedom. No matter where they end up, these 13 believers are free because they have Christ in their hearts.