Vedesh felt worthless.

With his wife and child, he was living in a cramped and windowless one-room home in the slums of India’s Gujarat state. Here, Vedesh and his family endured yellow drinking water, inadequate washrooms, and local crime, as well as mosquitos that caused frequent outbreaks of diseases like dengue, chikungunya and malaria.

A man named Sabbir recognized the neighbourhood’s issues. He was determined to help. Through the working of the Holy Spirit and your support, he started an adult literacy class nearby. When Vedesh heard about the classes, he eagerly enrolled. Within a couple of months, Vedesh could read and write small words.

Through a special health education training put on through the classes, Vedesh learned the importance of maintaining a good diet and keeping his home clean. He went home eager to start a new lifestyle!

The very next day, Vedesh began to share what he’d learned with his neighbours. Then, he took his efforts a step further: he rounded up a group to approach the local government, requesting that the slums be treated to get rid of mosquitoes.

Soon, the slum’s open sewage system was treated to address the outbreak of dengue, chikungunya and malaria. Through a community-wide effort, the number of people falling sick decreased!

Throughout his time in the adult literacy class, Vedesh noticed how Sabbir lived out his faith. When Vedesh learned more about Jesus in his class, he received Christ as his Saviour! He became so passionate about his new faith that he encouraged Sabbir to start a prayer group in his house with four other learners from the neighbourhood.

Through your support of Sabbir, God is bringing hope to this neighbourhood and freeing people from illness and unhealthy conditions. Today, the villagers continue to work hard to keep their neighbourhood clean.