My husband, Jacob, and I had a difficult life journey, always struggling with employment and health.

Why was everything so hard? There had to be more to life.

A neighbour invited me to a local church group. I decided to go, but Jacob didn’t approve. I liked praying with these Christians, reading the Bible they gave me, and praising God in worship. My heart was filling up and I needed to share this with Jacob! But when I tried, he angrily told me that if I go to this “sect”, he would divorce me. I could not give up my new-found faith, and so he left me.

Daily, I prayed to God for Jacob to return. Evenings, I would read aloud from my Bible for my daughter, reflecting on God’s promises. At church, I was baptized, and as I was walking home, I saw what I thought was a beggar, bundled up, sitting at the side of the road. I asked him if he needed help. Then he said, “Ana, don’t you recognize me?” It was Jacob!

I cried for joy. I told him how I had prayed that he would return home and how God had answered me. With joy, we began to read the Bible together as a family.

A year later Jacob was baptized! I was so happy.

I am eager to help others know God through His Living Word. My life is much different than I thought it would be, but with my eyes on Jesus, there is so much to be thankful for!

Through the work of the Holy Spirit, you provided Ana with a Bible. Many others are waiting for someone to share the joy of Jesus Christ with them!