Finding a relationship with God


My name is Ivana Georgieva, and I live in Macedonia.

When I was young I thought that every good person, especially if he goes to church will be saved. But as time passed, I grew, I read the Bible, I matured and started to perceive the world around me. As I was entering the teenage years, more and more questions were getting in my head. I started thinking, is it good to go to Church, because none of my friends are going to Church nor do they seek God, and yet they were still good people (at least by my assessment). I started asking myself what’s the point to go to Church and live by God’s way if there is no difference between those who do and those who don’t and if I can be good even without going to Church. All these questions were constantly in my head, so I decided to be more frequent on the teenage fellowship that were being held every Saturday in our Church, with the goal to be able to discuss these subjects with the others and hear their thoughts. I was also applying for summer and winter youth camps, where other young people were present as well from all over Macedonia. I slowly started to find the answers I sought. In this search for the real answers the local champions from Project Philip [through Bible League Canada’s ministry partner] helps me to find the answers as  we diligently research in to the word of God.

After sometime I understood that every person, even me, regardless of the fact that I am good, needs forgiveness for their sins, repentance and personal fellowship with God, Jesus Christ. I understood that, to progress spiritually and to overcome the temptations in my life, I needed the Church, my brothers and sisters, through whom I was encouraged, taught, directed and where I found support and where I found answers to all of my dilemmas and unanswered questions.

And finally, because I understood that I needed Jesus, for this reason I decided to be baptized in water, as it is commanded in the Bible, in the summer of 2016.

Now, I have 16 years and life, is in front of me. I do not regret dedicating my life to Jesus and I believe that with Him, my life will be easier, blessed and that only through this, my life has a real meaning and future in eternity.