You know her: that one child who absolutely CAN’T WAIT to go to school.

That’s how it is for 11-year-old Amaya. But for Amaya, her passion for school is not about academics; she loves going to school because she is given lunch every day. At night, Amaya often struggles to sleep because of her hunger. At school she can escape her grumbling belly.

Her mom, Ruhi, a single parent, suffers from a paralytic stroke. She is bedridden, and unable to care for her children.

One day while wandering through the streets after school, Amaya heard children singing and laughing. But before she could figure out where it was coming from, she fainted. Amaya was frightened when she awoke and saw unfamiliar faces around her. But Taneesh, a Christian, kindly comforted her and Amaya began to speak with him. He accompanied her to her home, and offered to pray over Ruhi. Amaya was shocked! No one had ever done this for her mom before.

Taneesh also told Amaya that he led a year-long Children’s Bible Club—the source of the singing and laughter Amaya heard before fainting. He invited her to enroll, and she excitedly accepted.

Amaya began to learn action songs, memorize Bible verses, and receive help with her schoolwork.

Amaya also began to pray for her mom’s healing. Slowly, Ruhi started to recover, and with Taneesh’s continued visits and prayers, the family began to experience peace and joy. Ruhi taught her children to cook, and with her guidance, they are now able to provide food for the family. Amaya no longer goes to bed hungry!

Thankful to Jesus for healing Ruhi, the family began to seek Him. Today, Amaya and her entire family have received Jesus as their Saviour! They know they can turn to Him at all times, and at last, they have hope to replace the dark times.