An entire family turns to Jesus


One of our local champions in Bulgaria, Kosta, shared a testimony about a family. A while back,  the grandmother in the family had been inspired to accept the Gospel and begin a prayer after listening to a message by Kosta and his wife, Nevena.   Recently, her granddaughter got  so ill that the whole family began fearing for her life. The grandmother prayed for God’s help and mentioned Kosta’s name to her relatives. She returned to church regularly to openly pray for the child’s health regardless of her family’s sentiments. Moved by her resilience in faith, her husband, who was not a believer, called the local pastor to inquire after Kosta and Nevena and attempted to pray for his granddaughter. At this time, God healed the little girl, inspiring the exulted grandfather to offer a lunch of gratitude to the church, where his wife prayed.

The pastor invited Kosta and his wife, who showed up at the family’s doorstep. The grandfather had invited them to visit his home and surprise the grandmother. That day, the whole family accepted Christ as a result of the fellowship with our church planters.

Kosta and Nevena are also active ministers to children. For the last 3 months Kosta and Nevena have managed to start and sustain a weekly children’s group with more than  80 participants. It’s an atmosphere of games, dances, songs, recitations, infused with the Gospel and with teamwork.

Kosta and Nevena distribute our Gospel tracts (evangelistic brochures in comic genre), which the kids really like. Despite the age range of 9-12 years, many of these kids are illiterate and some have never been in school.

Please lift up Kosta and Nevena in prayer. Pray over their ministry and that they continue to reach more people for Jesus.  Pray over the children they minister to and that they will be a light to their parents and family.