“I’ll cut your throats,” Mr. Thune told Christian pastors who tried to share the Gospel with him and his family.

He was a Buddhist priest in Cambodia and wanted nothing to do with Jesus. Mr. Thune collected money from fellow villagers as offerings to Buddha. Though he worked very hard, his family could never make ends meet. The Thunes tried to grow vegetables in their garden—but it was barren.

Though he was hostile, one of the Christian pastors continued to reach out to him. He knew God loved Mr. Thune so he kept visiting and telling him about Jesus.

When Mr. Thune’s daughter became very ill, they went to the Buddhist temple to pray many times. They also spent a lot of money searching for a cure—but nothing changed. One day, the Christian pastor told Mr. Thune that he should pray to Jesus. After repeatedly refusing, the old man finally became desperate and cried out to Jesus. But he didn’t know how to pray to this God, so he asked the pastor to teach him.

For three days Mr. Thune prayed to Jesus. Then his daughter was healed!

Finally, Mr. Thune realized that Jesus was the source of healing they had been searching for. That day, he and his whole family chose to follow Christ and put their trust in him as their Saviour. With faith in the power of Jesus, Mr. Thune asked God to provide for his family’s basic needs. In answer to his prayers, not only did their garden start producing enough food for the family, but they also had enough vegetables to sell to others. God blessed them abundantly.

Now Mr. Thune tells his neighbours about Jesus and has a vision to preach the Word of God in other villages.