It wasn’t the first time Rafał found himself in a Polish prison, but it was one of the darkest times.

While he publicly boasted about being a hard, tough guy, he woke up every night from nightmares, his prison bed soaked in cold sweat.

“Psychiatric prison facilities, psychotropic medicines, medical care — they didn’t improve my mental situation,” he recalls. “I told my wardens that I was feeling better, but I wasn’t. Then a thought came to my mind: only God can rescue me from this nightmare.”

That’s when Rafał requested to see a pastor. The pastor that arrived was one supported by Bible League Canada, our joint ministry partners and your gifts. Rafał received his first Bible, asked Christ for forgiveness and completed a Bible course. As his faith grew, he noticed his thought patterns changing, and his attitude to the prison wardens and fellow prisoners shifting positively.

Rafał no longer wakes up from nightmares. “Today, my desires and dreams are related to the Lord Jesus and I see how God is opening the doors of impossibility before me,” he says. “I like sharing the Gospel and now I have a group in prison, reading the Word of God and praying.”