You made a difference in a young mother’s life!

Her life isn’t easy, but it was all she knew. Erina and her family live in a small mud house. It was messy and cluttered, and not very clean—and her family often had health problems as a result.

Erina works as a maid. She has never gone to school. Sadly, illiteracy is common in Erina’s home state of Jammu & Kashmir. Literacy rates among women are very low, with only 56.4% of women being literate.

Now, through your generosity, God is doing a great work there!

Sumi, a trained volunteer teacher, invited Erina to join an Adult Literacy Class nearby. With Sumi’s guidance, Erina gradually began to write small words and do simple math problems. She learned quickly!

Sumi shared the Gospel with her students. Erina received a Bible, and Scripture is woven throughout the class’s curriculum. Erina came to understand that Jesus died on the cross for her, to wash away her sins. She went home and told her husband what she had learned, and together, they left their superstitious beliefs behind and now follow Jesus!

Erina also participated in a special training that teaches her best practices for health and hygiene. The lessons gave her a well-rounded education, and she eagerly puts her new knowledge into practice. Her cluttered home was soon clean and tidy, and her family’s overall health has improved as a result!

Today, Erina and her husband are part of a worshipping group and are growing in their faith. In the spiritually-dark state of Jammu & Kashmir, their hearts are filled with joy and they have new opportunities ahead, thanks to you!