No one celebrated the day Chunni was born.

Instead, her parents felt cursed by the birth of a girl — a financial burden because of the dowry to be paid at her marriage. In Chunni’s community, girls were often killed, dumped in garbage bins or thrown in rivers. And her parents tried, but she survived thanks to the kindness of her grandparents.

When she was seven years old, Chunni was invited to a Children’s Bible Club, where she loved playing games, singing songs and listening to Bible stories. Soon she learned about the love of Jesus and received Him as her Saviour. “My parents don’t love me,” she says, “but I’m not ignored by Jesus.” Chunni also longed to go to school. So her Bible Club leader spoke with her grandparents and arranged for her to attend school. Today, Chunni is studying in kindergarten.

Please pray that God will change the hearts of Chunni’s parents and that her grandparents will come to the saving knowledge of Christ in the days to come.