So many children in our world live in physical and spiritual poverty. They often lack the very basics of life and do not have the inner confidence and joy that comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

You can change the life of child, like Julie, by introducing them to Jesus at a Bible Club.
Julie lives in Ukraine. She grew up in a nation still reeling from decades of Communist repression where Christianity had been a dangerous, hidden secret. And she grew up in a home that was torn apart by strife and alcohol.

Thanks to generous Canadians like you, Julie was able to attend a Bible Club hosted by a church in her village. There she played games, sang songs, prayed and heard Bible stories. More than that, she met Jesus at the Bible Club and chose to give her life to Christ.

With your generous support today, we will launch new Bible Clubs in Ukraine to reach 9,000 children — and see 3,500 become followers of Jesus in 2016. And when the hearts of these children are changed by God, they readily share the Good News with their families and their friends.