Kela’s father was addicted to alcohol and his drunken behaviour made it difficult for him to get work.

In Grade 4, Kela had to stop going to school to take care of her two younger siblings while her mother went to work. Their home was in turmoil.

But the Lord was at work in Kela’s community. God used your support to launch a Children’s Bible Club in the area —and Kela joined!

The Bible Club leader helped Kela with her studies, while sharing stories of Jesus. The children sang Bible songs and played games together. But Kela was most excited to learn that Jesus would listen to prayer!

She began to pray for her father to be free from addiction and that he would know Jesus. Kela was confident that Jesus could save him.

And she was right.

Little by little, Kela’s father began to drink less. Kela’s faith increased, and she continued to pray.

As Kela’s father stopped drinking, people started hiring him for work. And he no longer spent his wages on alcohol, finally meeting the family’s needs! Kela’s mother was thrilled, but had no idea what had made the difference in her husband.

When Kela’s parents heard their daughter’s testimony and learned about the power of her prayers, their hearts were opened. They both received Jesus as their Saviour!

Today, there is joy and peace in Kela’s life. She has become bold and confident through the lessons learned in the Bible Club, and her parents are attending a local church with her. Praise God for changed lives!

When kids meet Jesus at Children’s Bible Club, lives change!