Olivia was afraid to go to overnight summer camp for the first time.

Summer camps in the woods are what our Canadian partner does best. Their passion is to reach out to Canadian kids least likely to hear about Jesus. And camp is such an amazing place to make that happen: time spent in the great outdoors, with activities and small group times geared to sharing the love of Christ with kids. Nearly half of them are hearing this message for the very first time! But there are kids, like Olivia, who are afraid to be away from home overnight. Add in the fact that it is with unfamiliar people, in the woods: Olivia would never have gone to camp.

But then the pandemic happened and overnight camps were not allowed. At first, camp directors were stunned: this is what they did best! Now what? Then the reality of not connecting with all these kids made them ask God to help them challenge their thinking, and they came up with Day Camps. Suddenly, Olivia’s fears were wiped away! At camp each day, she listened closely to the truths her leader, Grace, shared with them from the Bible. Olivia talked them over with her parents at night, and even introduced them to Grace. This kind of interaction with parents wasn’t possible at overnight camp.

At the end of her camp week, Olivia told Grace that the previous night, in the quiet of her own bedroom, she had read a passage in her new Bible, and then confessed to Jesus that she needed Him in her life. Praise God! Grace knew that she would likely have never met Olivia if not for the turnaround from overnight camps to day camps. God was faithful in every challenge!

You provided Olivia with a Bible and instruction from a caring leader!