Amanda is passionate about her desire to serve God, so more people will know about Jesus Christ. Amanda is Shuar, an indigenous people of Ecuador, and she has a heart to bring the Gospel to people of her nationality.

“Lord, I want to work for You, to go and preach Your Word,” Amanda would often pray. God answered that prayer when the leadership of her local church invited her to participate in the training to start new churches provided through your support. Excited, she dedicated herself to the training and started a church in the Shuar community of María Magdalena. She didn’t stop there! Amanda is working in other communities to establish outposts of the Kingdom there as well.

Some of these places have no accessible roads and dangerous conditions, but Amanda has a motivation and passion for the Gospel that keeps moving her forward.

“I have to go and preach to bring the Good News to others. Just as I needed God to save me, so do the people in the faraway communities.

There is no one to take the message because they are so far away. God uses me to bring the hope of salvation so they can know there is a Saviour, so they can repent and be saved.”

Amanda shares that in one of the communities, she came across a sick man who had sought healing through medicine and witchcraft, but there was no cure for him. “When I visited, the man was resigned to die because the witch doctors could not find a remedy for him.”

She shared with him about Christ and prayed for healing. The man accepted Christ and by God’s grace, he was healed! When Amanda saw the man was healed, she was reminded again that God is the one true God.

With deep conviction, Amanda declares, “The Spirit of God is life, He is truth. When someone believes in God, their life is transformed!

Through one local champion the Gospel message is reaching in to Ecuador’s most remote villages.