Benjamin and Véronique are two local champions starting a new church in Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Québec, just outside of Montréal.

“When people are confronted with the Gospel message, their hearts are transformed, or they reject it. This is a daily truth for us,” says Benjamin.

“We have witnessed baptisms and new missional [Bible study] groups that build the body of Christ. God always surprises and amazes us when He makes the family grow, and we see Jesus through the believers involved in community outreach.”

Benjamin and Véronique believe that the Lord did not call them to plant churches or convert people, but to equip disciples to resemble Christ. The missional groups that study God’s Word are key to equipping believers, so the pair focus on raising up new leaders through relationships built in the groups.

“We hope to equip these new leaders to shine and bear fruit in their surroundings and that they start up new missional groups for God’s glory,” Véronique shares.

Their work is not without its challenges, but they experience God’s guiding presence. For them, this is exciting and encouraging work, and you helped to make this possible!