As a child, Balraj’s parents were too poor to send him to school. He spent his days working instead of learning to read and write. He remembers peering into the schoolhouse while the other children studied, desperately longing to go to school too. But it never happened.

In a few short years, Balraj was married with children, trying to make a living as a bicycle repairman. But he couldn’t read, write or do math. He knew that vendors, and even his customers, were cheating him, but he had no way to prove it.

Then Balraj heard that a free Adult Bible-based Literacy program started in his neighbourhood. He jumped at the chance, and learned so much!

Soon reading, writing, and calculating money became easy for Balraj. Through the Bible-based lessons, Balraj also learned about Jesus, and received Him as his Saviour.

Today, Balraj isn’t cheated anymore, his business is successful, and he happily shares about Jesus with those who come into his bicycle-repair shop.