Ever since he became a Christian at the age of 11, Bryan has been involved with the church.

“I have always wanted to share the Good News with others so they can have a relationship with God,” he says.

Even though he is only 19, Bryan ministers to the people in a small, neighbouring village. He visits the village every week. He works with other young leaders under the guidance of a church planter in the area. Bryan also receives material and training through a Bible League Canada partner in Ecuador.

“It is not easy to tell the people about Jesus because when they see how young I am, they don’t want to listen to me,” Bryan admits. But he sees progress as there are a few new followers of Jesus in the village.

Encouraged by this, Bryan remains motivated to continue his work. As his own relationship with God grows, he wants to help others have a personal relationship with the Lord so their lives will change for His glory.