Bringing Hope to Myanmar


Christianity has been condemned in Myanmar for years, and religious persecution continues to this day. Christianity has even been nick-named the “C-Virus” by the military in Myanmar. Churches are unable to register and are considered illegal, and over 3,000 villages have been destroyed during the past ten years. Those who identify as Christian are also unable to gain greater responsibility in their job roles, leaving many working in the same positions that they have been in for years, unable to grow or succeed. Despite these trials, Christianity is spreading as many are recognizing the goodness of God and the great love that He has for His children. Their passion to learn the scriptures is helping us continue our work in Myanmar, to help all Christians grow in their faith.

Bibles are essential to growing as a Christian as it provides key teachings that can be applied to our everyday lives. The Bible gives us the direction that is needed to navigate the difficult situations that we face everyday, and it helps us understand our role in furthering God’s kingdom. Imagine trying to grow as a Christian without a Bible?

To help the people of Myanmar grow in their faith, we are working to train local leaders to help believers in the area understand the Bible and discuss their beliefs with others. Through placing Bibles directly in their hands and giving them the resources and training to grow, lives are being transformed in incredible ways. Please keep the people of Myanmar in your prayers, and that we will be able to provide more Bibles than ever before!

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