Planting a church in La Unión, Ecuador, was going to be more difficult than Víctor Medrana thought. The local priest spoke out against Victor’s Bible studies and encouraged people to sign a petition to get the mayor to close them down. People were fearful.

But, God had a plan for La Unión.

Known as one of most dangerous areas in Ecuador because drug dealers from other cities and countries use it as a distribution area, La Unión is full of bars, brothels, and gunmen for hire. Living in this dangerous environment, Víctor often receives threats on his life.

But Víctor serves with confidence, “I am prepared and my wife and daughters are ready as well for anything that can happen. We know God sustains our lives and whatever happens is under His control.”

Víctor participated in the church planter training offered by a Bible League Canada partner. “They trained us and we committed ourselves to be available to work where God would call us,” Víctor shares.

Now Víctor is not just a full time pastor in La Unión but he is also trains other church planters in the coastal region of Ecuador.

“When God calls you to work in His Kingdom, you have to be in love with Jesus and passionate for the people because there are many who are without Christ and have no hope.” Víctor perseveres in his work because of what he has seen God doing. “In the last few years, six brothels, seven dance halls, and more than ten bars have closed. God is gaining ground.

Víctor’s congregation evangelizes and pleads with the Lord to release their city from sin and darkness. Compelled to share the gospel, the church is planning to start other churches in rural areas.