What if you lived in a country where it was illegal to tell your neighbours about Jesus? What if sharing God’s love might get you arrested or even killed? Would you do it anyway?

Loknath did. In Madhya Pradesh, the state in India where Loknath lives, it is against the law to convert local people from Hinduism to Christianity.

Trained by a partner of Bible League Canada, Loknath shares the gospel in the village of Chandrapura with men and women like Visha.

Visha was a dedicated Hindu. She diligently performed all of the rituals needed to appease a local god called Mamaji in order to secure peace and prosperity for her family. Her family toiled in the fields but couldn’t meet their basic needs. Under the stress of poverty, the family quarreled frequently. Visha had lost hope.

Feeling there must be more than this, Visha began searching for a God who could answer her prayers.

When Loknath knocked on her door and offered to pray for her family, Visha was ready to hear about Jesus. Loknath taught her to pray to Jesus and encouraged her to trust Him about everything. Visha gave up her worship of idols. As Visha prayed for her family, they began to feel peace and comfort. Soon Loknath introduced the whole family to Christ.

Then one day when Visha and others were listening to Loknath preach from God’s Word at a small house church, an angry mob of about twenty people broke the door down. They grabbed Loknath and began to beat him. Visha and the other believers tried to stop the mob but couldn’t. Accused of converting local Hindus to Christianity, when the police arrived Loknath was arrested while other believers were threatened.

Visha and the little congregation thought they would never see Loknath again. As the days passed, many believers stopped attending the house church fearing the Hindu leaders. But Visha trusted Jesus and prayed fervently for Loknath. She was overjoyed when God answered her prayers and Loknath returned!

Compelled by Christ’s love, soon Loknath was sharing the gospel in his village again—despite the risks.

Only 6% of the 1.24 billion people living in India are Christian. Your gift to Bible League Canada will help to train more church planters, like Loknath, who share the life-changing truth of the gospel in the face of danger. Your gift also provides Bibles and biblical resources in the heart languages of the people receiving them.