Life is difficult for 10-year-old Nagia.

Her father is an alcoholic whose erratic behaviour causes chaos in her family and through their entire neighbourhood. Her mother is the sole provider for the family, working in a nearby tea garden.

The stress of financial problems combined with a dysfunctional family environment weighs heavily on young Nagia’s heart and spirit. Her schoolwork suffers and she falls farther and farther behind. She is in Grade Four, but she can barely read and write.

Then, Nagia meets Roma. Roma leads a Year-Long Children’s Bible Club, and she invites Nagia to join.

Nagia loves the Bible Club’s activities: badminton, skipping and running with the other children. She also receives schoolwork tutoring there, and wonderful things begin to happen. Her performance in school and overall attitude are steadily improving. She makes many new friends.

But if you ask Nagia what part of Bible Club pours out the most blessings in her life, she will tell you it is hearing and reading God’s Word for the first time.

Because of your support, Nagia receives her very own Bible, and when she reads about the painful death Jesus willingly endured to save and redeem her, her heart is deeply moved. She prays and asks Jesus to forgive her sins, and she receives Christ as her personal Saviour. With Roma’s guidance, she also diligently prays for her father to be delivered from his addiction to alcohol.

God’s Word fills Nagia’s heart with strength and confidence, despite her challenges.