How would they hear about Jesus’ love for them? Pastor Fredrick, a volunteer teacher was worried when the pandemic closed schools. How would he connect with his students?

The Department of Education decreed that face-to-face learning was forbidden.

However, one official recognized that children and their families needed an opportunity to learn about what was going on and interact. And he knew of a dedicated network of volunteers in his area that would be eager for an opportunity to reach out to students: the Values Education Program!

All pastors and volunteer leaders that are part of the Program in his region were given permits to access their students in their homes with special lesson modules that explained how to follow proper health protocols. This was completely unexpected and an answer to prayer! Discipleship continues!

In Cagayan, Pastora Linda thanks God for making ways to keep reaching out to her students. 78 young people were baptized recently! These young people were her students before the pandemic began, and she was able to continue calling them once a week to mentor them. No one can stop the expansion of God’s kingdom.

Pastor Frederick declares, “God is faithful. He has given us so many ways to encourage His children — He has blessed us beyond our imagination!”

Thanks to your support, children in the Philippines are being discipled with the love of Jesus, even through the pandemic.